On March 28th, VARGATES had much more in store than just one event

In the virtual Astana Hub, an exciting monthly gathering unfolded for startups, investors, venture funds, business angels, and anyone intrigued by the IT future of Kazakhstan – Pizza Pitch.

This time the event took place exclusively online, with startups coming from various regions of Kazakhstan, demonstrating the wide range and diversity of innovative efforts.

Attendees had an opportunity to watch broadcasts from the virtual Media Hall and communicate with fellow participants, cultivating an environment where professional insights and expertise were accessible to all, fostering a dynamic exchange.

VARGATES provides a unique platform full of virtual courses and a rich interactive 3D environment for learning and leisure.

Eager to step into a world limited only by your imagination?


On March 28, as part of the development of the Digitalization Center of the Participating Countries of the Turkic States Organization, the first conference was held in the Vargates metaverse.

The aim of this unique event was to showcase the developments and potential of the Turkic Metaverse concept, ushering in new avenues of digital communication.


Turkic Metaverse came to life within the virtual realm of the VARGATES platform. The virtual space was thoughtfully incorporated with elements reflecting the rich culture, profound history, and distinctive architecture of turkic nations. Attendees had a unique opportunity to explore innovative solutions presented by startups and technoparks, and communicate with AI assistants.

Representatives of the Turkic States Organization and technoparks from participating countries, including Astana Hub (Kazakhstan), Bilkent Cyberpark (Turkey), High Technology Park (Kyrgyzstan), and Sabah Hub (Azerbaijan), were present at the conference. The event also featured a panel session where speakers discussed the potential of the Turkic Metaverse project and the opportunities for using the metaverse as a platform for dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge exchange.

Once again VARGATES and AstanaHub reaffirm their commitment to building a future where technology, culture and innovation intertwine in a unique virtual experience. 

Virtual events and exhibitions offer a multitude of advantages, including geographical flexibility, global accessibility for participants, and interactive opportunities for networking.

Are you prepared to step into a virtual realm unrestricted by borders?

Welcome to Pizza Pitch!

On March 28, 2024, an exciting event known as Pizza Pitch will take place in the virtual world of the Metaverse VARGATES. This innovative event is for startups from different regions of the country who will be able to come together and showcase their innovative and ambitious ideas to a respected audience of experts, colleagues and enthusiasts.

VARGATES Metaverse provides a unique opportunity for individuals and teams passionate about the dynamic world of information technology (IT) to immerse themselves in a new experience in the metaverse. By participating in this event, participants will not only have the opportunity to witness cutting-edge ideas and developments emerging in the startup ecosystem, but will also have the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and interact with like-minded people who share a common enthusiasm for technological innovation.

Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and carried away by exploring the limitless possibilities that await you in the VARGATES Metaverse.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to be a part of something truly revolutionary. Mark March 28, 2024 in your calendars and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the world of virtual innovation. See you in the VARGATES Metaverse at Pizza Pitch!


Exciting news, everyone! 🚀 Get ready to dive into the next level of adventure as VARGATES is about to hit the Oculus Store! 🎮💥 Immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities and embark on epic journeys like never before. A new era of virtual exploration and exciting adventures! Stay tuned for the release date. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this mind-blowing experience!

Explore the world of virtual 3D organ models with Pathology3D!

Study pathological anatomy like never before. Pathology 3D is a new generation of 3D screen simulators specially designed for studying general and special pathological anatomy. With Pathology3D you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of virtual 3D organ models and simulate pathomorphological changes that are typical for various diseases and syndromes. This is a powerful constructor that gives you the ability to interact with interactive 3D models and visually explore pathological processes. With Pathology 3D you can visualize and study various pathological changes on organs and examine their effect on body functioning. It is a valuable tool for students, medical professionals, and researchers to enhance their knowledge and skills in pathological anatomy.


Dear friends!

We are pleased to present you the Vargates Technics App!

Vargates Technics is a 3D platform for creating training courses, instructions and visualization of processes in the virtual universe – VARGATES. The platform allows you to significantly reduce the cost of training and visualization, as well as improve the skills of staff. There are 3 personalized operating modes aimed at optimizing processes and achieving maximum efficiency. Endless worlds, artificial intelligence and social networks are the new opportunities that we offer. Find a powerful tool for your development.


A job fair has started today, in which you can participate online from anywhere in the world!

Vacancies from leading IT companies will be presented to you at the fair. Do not miss the opportunity to take an expert session from leading HR specialists and build a career in the field of your dreams, regardless of your location, together with a job fair in the Metaverse.

In addition, those interested can register to participate in the metaverse event to get recommendations on improving their resume “Roast my CV” by sending an application to the mail cv@astanahub.com marked “Publish my resume”.

We would like to remind you that the Job Fair will be held October 12-13, 2023.

Don’t miss the opportunity to work for the best companies in the IT field! We are waiting for you!


The long-awaited job fair “Digital Bridge 2023” will take place tomorrow, which will be held on our Vargates platform!

Consultation from specialists of top companies, job search, resume submission, new acquaintances – all this in the virtual world. You will have the opportunity to talk directly with HR specialists, leave your resume and get a long-awaited offer! To get feedback about your resume, we will have a resume roast, where we will analyze your resume in a live broadcast and give recommendations for improvement!

Don’t miss it, join now!


Greetings, everyone! We have good news for all AcademiX3D users. We have released a major update with many changes, improvements, and new features. Let’s look at the main changes:

Interface and functionality:

  • The main menu has been completely redesigned. It now includes previews, libraries, and course type selections, making it even easier to navigate.
  • Added the ability to work in offline mode, which allows you to open scripts and modules without the need to connect to the Internet. Now you can pre-load content and use it whenever you want.
  • It is now possible to download scripts in advance, set and cancel the download queue, and download the entire library. The loading status is displayed at the bottom of the window.
  • The statistics window has been updated. Stats now appear in the script preview window, and you can also download a PDF of the walkthrough.
  • A new Manipulations and Procedures module has been added, with 16 nursing skills scenarios available. This module allows you to pass scenarios using a choice of options. After completing the scenario, you will receive a walkthrough report.
  • Improved functionality of the “News” panel. It now includes a preview window, and the links have become clickable.
  • In the module of pathological anatomy, the text output has been corrected so that all inscriptions are placed on the screen.
  • Added sound control without having to go to the settings panel. The sound control button is located in the system buttons and is accessible from any part of the application. You can mute the sound in one click by clicking on the minimum volume icon and return it to its original position in the same way.
  • The sound now works in stereo mode.
  • When loading the clinical scenario, the patient will be seated. If you need to examine him standing up, you can ask him to stand up.
  • In the manipulation module, clicking on an area during an animation activates a free camera, which you can control: zoom and rotate. The animation will be paused, and clicking again will turn it on again.
  • The 3D camera is disabled in the main menu. It is now static, which makes it easier to use.
  • In the main menu, all modules are highlighted when you hover over them.
  • In the tooltip bar (on the loading screen) you can click on the links. They will open in the app or in the browser, depending on their type.
  • In Movies mode, when you press the close button, a message appears with a choice of whether to close the view or the application.

System changes:

  • Updated the content loading system and removed unnecessary modules, which increased the speed of the application.
  • We decided to remove the subscription system in AcademiX3D. The subscription is now only available at Vargates Medical.
  • In the Vargates Medical settings, the “Educator Mode” option has been added. It allows you to display clinical case names instead of manifestations.
  • In the Pathological Anatomy module, if the model takes a long time to load or if your graphics card is unable to display it, a warning will be displayed and the model will become grayed out.
  • In some cases, if the video drivers were installed incorrectly, the pathological anatomy module may not have loaded the manifestations. Now you get a message asking you to reinstall the video drivers.
  • The cache cleaning system has been improved.
  • Updated character animations.
  • The profile displays a unique identifier to facilitate help and feedback.
  • A subsection “Complications” has been added to the “Diagnosis” section.
  • Accelerated transition via DeepLink, immediately loads the desired location.
  • The Movies module has been improved.

Fixing bugs and errors:

  • Fixed the system for calculating the final percentages in the awards.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the jump speed to be different when walking and running.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed modifiers state to change before full loading of the model in the pathology module. This option is now unavailable until the model download is complete.
  • Fixed a bug occurring when quickly double-clicking the script’s end button.
  • Corrected some translations of the English interface.

We will be glad to receive your comments and suggestions, which you can send through the application or contact us through the contacts on our website. We hope that this update will make your experience with AcademiX3D even more convenient and interesting!

You can download the current version on the AcademiX3D page.

Meet the VARGATES feature extension: the ability to enjoy a 3D universe even without an Internet connection!

VARGATES, one of the leading platforms for interactive 3D universes, has announced an important update to its platform. We are pleased to announce that PRO account owners will now have long-awaited offline access to content in the VARGATES universe.

Our mission at VARGATES is to create an open space where people can interact, learn and share knowledge in an exciting 3D environment. And today we’re pushing the boundaries of freedom and flexibility by giving PRO account owners, the ability to enjoy all the benefits of VARGATES anywhere and anytime, regardless of internet connection. This is a great option for working outside the office, on the road, or in remote locations where Internet access may be limited.


Offline access was the next step in the development of the VARGATES universe. We strive to give you maximum flexibility and convenience when working with 3D models. Now you can use VARGATES wherever you need it, even without access to the Internet.

Offline access will become available to PRO owners after an update, which is expected in the next few weeks.

With the growing popularity of virtual reality and the increasing need for flexibility of use, VARGATES continues to evolve and bring new innovations to meet the needs of its users. The prospects for interactive 3D universes look bright, and the introduction of offline access becomes an important new step in the development of this unique platform.

To find out how much and how to get a PRO account, visit the VARGATES page.

VARDIX and Vladimir Barinov: Immersing yourself in 3D magic and AR/VR innovations!

AstanaHub, a leading tech startup park, together with Vladimir Barinov, CEO of VARDIX Group, held a live broadcast on May 24 at 17:00 Moscow time on their Telegram channel on the topic “Prospects and the AR/VR startup community.

Vladimir Barinov is a producer, 3D-expert, engineer of projects in the field of interactivity, education, advertising, cinema, medicine and entertainment, founder of the VARDIX group of companies.

AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are areas that currently have great potential and offer interesting prospects for startups. Both directions are developing rapidly and find application in various industries, such as the gaming industry, education, medicine, architecture, tourism and many others.

AR/VR startup community.

The AR/VR startup community is growing rapidly, with many companies involved in various aspects of these technologies. There are specialized conferences, exhibitions, and communities where entrepreneurs and developers can exchange experiences, find investors and partners, and receive feedback from experts in the AR/VR field. In late 2018, VARDIX and AstanaHub jointly embarked on an initiative to bring together computer graphics and virtual/ augmented reality professionals. This effort led to the formation of a specialized 3D graphics conference known as CG-SREDA.

VARDIX, in turn, actively seeks to share its experience and receives valuable feedback in return, which greatly enhances the professional level of all developers in various fields. We maintain effective interaction with major companies in Kazakhstan specializing in 3D graphics, striving together to achieve a common goal.

Perspectives on AR/VR startups.

The possibilities of AR/VR technologies are constantly expanding, and every year new innovative products and services appear. One of the key reasons for the growing interest in AR/VR startups is improving technology and equipment availability. AR/VR startups also receive support and funding from venture capitalists, investment funds and large technology companies. This helps startups attract talent, adopt the latest technology, and scale in the marketplace.

Overall, the prospects for AR/VR startups are very favorable. As interest in augmented and virtual reality grows, new technologies are expected to emerge, products and services will improve, and applications will expand. This creates great opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators who want to contribute to the AR/VR industry and change our reality.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, you can contact us through our contact page.

Full broadcast recording (Telegram)

Technopark of the future and virtual events come together: VARGATES and AstanaHub announced the launch of a new AstanaHub test location.

AstanaHub, one of the leading tech startup parks, and VARDIX group of companies specializing in the development of virtual worlds, are pleased to announce the launch of AstanaHub’s new test location on the VARGATES platform. This collaboration aims to empower virtual events and exhibitions by providing unique virtual spaces to communicate, learn, and showcase projects.

AstanaHub, located in the heart of Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana, is known for its dynamic ecosystem approach to developing startups and innovative projects. It brings together talented entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from around the world, creating an environment conducive to the development of new ideas and technological advances.

Our company, which specializes in the development of virtual worlds and interactive platforms, adds a new dimension to the capabilities of AstanaHub. VARGATES users will be able to visit the virtual locations of AstanaHub, which recreates the atmosphere of the technology park and offers a unique perspective on its innovative community.

This collaboration also invites all interested parties to dialogue about exhibitions and virtual events within VARGATES. Openness to new ideas and partnerships are the core values of this initiative. Companies and organizations looking to present their products, services and innovations to the public can use VARGATES virtual spaces to create exciting and interactive exhibition spaces.

VARGATES and AstanaHub reaffirm their commitment to building a future where technology, culture and innovation intertwine in a unique virtual experience. This partnership offers unique opportunities for all stakeholders to contribute and be part of the development of the global startup and innovation community.

VARDIX and AstanaHub invite companies, entrepreneurs, investors, experts and everyone else to participate in the dialogue and hold exhibitions and virtual events. The idea is to jointly develop innovative formats that make the most of virtual spaces for presentation and interaction with the audience.


Virtual events and exhibitions offer a wide range of benefits, including geographic flexibility, accessibility to attendees from around the world, and interactive opportunities for interaction and networking. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the virtual space of AstanaHub, watch project presentations, ask questions of experts, participate in discussions and make valuable connections with professionals from different fields.

VARGATES is becoming a platform that brings together various industries, offering them the opportunity to harness the power of virtual and augmented reality to reach new heights in education, entertainment and collaboration. The AstanaHub test location is just one of many steps in this direction.

If you are interested in participating or would like to learn more about VARGATES and AstanaHub, visit their official websites or contact representatives for more information. Time and space merge to create new perspectives and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Visit AstanaHub in VARGATES