Turkic Metaverse Conference on the VARGATES Platform


On March 28, as part of the development of the Digitalization Center of the Participating Countries of the Turkic States Organization, the first conference was held in the Vargates metaverse.

The aim of this unique event was to showcase the developments and potential of the Turkic Metaverse concept, ushering in new avenues of digital communication.


Turkic Metaverse came to life within the virtual realm of the VARGATES platform. The virtual space was thoughtfully incorporated with elements reflecting the rich culture, profound history, and distinctive architecture of turkic nations. Attendees had a unique opportunity to explore innovative solutions presented by startups and technoparks, and communicate with AI assistants.

Representatives of the Turkic States Organization and technoparks from participating countries, including Astana Hub (Kazakhstan), Bilkent Cyberpark (Turkey), High Technology Park (Kyrgyzstan), and Sabah Hub (Azerbaijan), were present at the conference. The event also featured a panel session where speakers discussed the potential of the Turkic Metaverse project and the opportunities for using the metaverse as a platform for dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge exchange.

Once again VARGATES and AstanaHub reaffirm their commitment to building a future where technology, culture and innovation intertwine in a unique virtual experience. 

Virtual events and exhibitions offer a multitude of advantages, including geographical flexibility, global accessibility for participants, and interactive opportunities for networking.

Are you prepared to step into a virtual realm unrestricted by borders?