AR/VR startups: perspectives and community.


VARDIX and Vladimir Barinov: Immersing yourself in 3D magic and AR/VR innovations!

AstanaHub, a leading tech startup park, together with Vladimir Barinov, CEO of VARDIX Group, held a live broadcast on May 24 at 17:00 Moscow time on their Telegram channel on the topic “Prospects and the AR/VR startup community.

Vladimir Barinov is a producer, 3D-expert, engineer of projects in the field of interactivity, education, advertising, cinema, medicine and entertainment, founder of the VARDIX group of companies.

AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are areas that currently have great potential and offer interesting prospects for startups. Both directions are developing rapidly and find application in various industries, such as the gaming industry, education, medicine, architecture, tourism and many others.

AR/VR startup community.

The AR/VR startup community is growing rapidly, with many companies involved in various aspects of these technologies. There are specialized conferences, exhibitions, and communities where entrepreneurs and developers can exchange experiences, find investors and partners, and receive feedback from experts in the AR/VR field. In late 2018, VARDIX and AstanaHub jointly embarked on an initiative to bring together computer graphics and virtual/ augmented reality professionals. This effort led to the formation of a specialized 3D graphics conference known as CG-SREDA.

VARDIX, in turn, actively seeks to share its experience and receives valuable feedback in return, which greatly enhances the professional level of all developers in various fields. We maintain effective interaction with major companies in Kazakhstan specializing in 3D graphics, striving together to achieve a common goal.

Perspectives on AR/VR startups.

The possibilities of AR/VR technologies are constantly expanding, and every year new innovative products and services appear. One of the key reasons for the growing interest in AR/VR startups is improving technology and equipment availability. AR/VR startups also receive support and funding from venture capitalists, investment funds and large technology companies. This helps startups attract talent, adopt the latest technology, and scale in the marketplace.

Overall, the prospects for AR/VR startups are very favorable. As interest in augmented and virtual reality grows, new technologies are expected to emerge, products and services will improve, and applications will expand. This creates great opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators who want to contribute to the AR/VR industry and change our reality.

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