ROQED has announced its participation in Bett 2023, the largest educational exhibition.


ROQED has announced its participation in Bett, the largest educational exhibition in London on March 29, 2023.

Bett 2023 - ROQED

ROQED is a leading developer of innovative 3D educational platforms. Its products are widely used in educational institutions around the world, which confirms their significant contribution to the field of education. Our company actively cooperates with educational institutions, providing them with modern tools and resources for effective training. By integrating 3D technology, our platforms allow us to create unique visual and interactive learning environments that stimulate interest and enhance comprehension. ROQED strives not only to improve the educational process, but also to inspire students and teachers to explore new educational horizons.

Bett will showcase a number of recent developments in educational technology, including the new functionality of the ROQED Science school platform. In addition, ROQED will introduce several new products in the field of technical training, which are scheduled for release in 2023. Visitors will be able to learn about innovative solutions and see how these developments can improve learning and empower students. ROQED is constantly striving to innovate and develop new tools to help educational institutions achieve maximum results.

In addition to organizing a large booth at the exhibition, the company’s specialists will hold a series of reports and presentations, as well as share their experience and expertise in the use of 3D models and digital twins in the educational environment.

All the founders of the company will be present at Bett 2023, so visitors to the show and forums will be able to ask any questions and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

A visit to #Bett2023 can be especially useful for teachers and administrators of educational institutions who are interested in using innovative technologies in their work, as well as for developers of educational systems who are interested in implementing 3D technologies in their products.

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