The new version of Academix3D is now available!

The new version of AcademiX3D is now available!

The new version of AcademiX3D is what we are happy to present to you. This is the version we’ve been working on lately. New functionality, script fixes, and rich features are all waiting for you in version 2022.1.4f5.

A very important change:

  • improved the program icon, now it is clearly visible on any screen

Interface and functionality:

  • Changed the main menu. Now you have to click on the computer to bring up a list of scripts, and for movies you have to click on the TV.
  • Added free movement in the main menu.
  • In the main menu, the ESC button invokes the mouse cursor to control the interface.
  • Added character animations. For example, Parkinson’s disease patients have hand tremors. Or the symptom of Musset is well noticeable.
  • The ESC button in windows now acts as a back button. If there are no more previous windows, it closes the current one.
  • Changed the dialog boxes.
  • Corrected exit to the clinic and return back to the office.
  • The patient menu has been finalized.
  • Improved card interface.
  • Improved the interface of the settings and personal account.
  • Now, if the teacher mode is not enabled, the search by name of diseases will not show results.
  • After going through the scenario, the main menu starts, not the same location.
  • Removed unnecessary interface elements that performed duplicate functions.
  • Fixed a bug with accidental menu recall when turning the patient.
  • The script end button and timer are moved to a separate area of the UI.


  • The list of scripts is now unavailable during the exam. To see it again, you must complete the current scenario.
  • When you start the exam, you can now immediately select the IBC handbook and the time allotted to the scenario.
  • Sounds for auscultation have been added.
  • Added auscultation in a scenario where it was not present before.
  • Added palpation to scenarios where it was not present before.
  • Added examinations and physiological examination to some scenarios.

System changes:

  • Fixed “hotkeys” calling while typing in all fields.
  • Improved feedback. Now we can see your messages even faster.
  • All premium features are visible in the interface, but work only after the purchase and entering the key.
  • Improved work with the application cache.
  • Fixed “Resources not available or in the process of updating” error.
  • Fixed a rare bug with audio playback.
  • They added an internal error handler, which makes it faster to fix them.
  • We’ve combined several of our products into one to give you a universe of learning. Stay tuned for updates.

Vargates News:

As we wrote above, we are aiming to make a learning meta universe that is built on our Vargates framework.

You can now leave the Academix3D location in Vargates and explore the new functionality.

  • You can see all of our training projects in the main lobby.
  • There’s also multiplayer. If there will be someone else in the location besides you, you will be able to communicate by voice, video and sharing your screen.
  • Next to each project there is an assistant who will tell you in voice mode what the project is about.
  • You can upload your avatar in your personal cabinet.
  • When zooming, the first or third person view changes.
  • About the rest of the functionality will not tell you yet, try it yourself!

We also welcome your feedback, which you can do through the application or through contacts on the site.

We’ll let you know a little later about the next version with new modes of operation.

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