An important event for the medical community!

From April 20 to 21, 2023, the VI Central Asian International Scientific and Practical Conference on Medical Education “Education of the Future: Winds of Change” will take place.

The conference aims to develop international cooperation and strategic partnerships, as well as the transfer of experience in medical education.

The conference will include a round table, sessions, master classes, a session of young scientists, a clinical scenario competition, and an Olympiad of 4-5 year students.

In addition, the conference will feature an exhibition of books, medical products, simulators and simulators.

Heads of educational organizations, scientists, teachers and students are invited to the conference, who will share their experiences and the results of current research in the field of education.

This conference will also be attended by leading employees of VARDIX GROUP, a company producing interactive software and virtual universities, who will share their latest developments and experiences.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this meaningful conference and share your knowledge and experience in medical education!

Группа компаний Vardix стала партнером GameDev Center от AstanaHub

The VARDIX Group of Companies has become a partner of the GameDev Center, which is located at AstanaHub.

GameDev Center is a place of attraction for those who want to grow in the mobile and PC gaming industry.

The GameDev Center will teach the basics of 3D modeling and animation for free, teach how to develop game startups, and allow the community to address the shortage of qualified personnel.

Using the center is free, but registration with AstanaHub is required.

To learn more about the Center and its events, please visit:

Happy New Year from Vardix

Dear friends!

We wish you a Happy New Year! We hope that the New Year will bring you and your family a lot of happiness, prosperity and fulfillment of all your desires!

Each and every one of you is incredibly valuable to us, and we are grateful for your interest, for being with us. We, in turn, will try to delight you with new products and great deals!

We wish you a Happy New Year!

The participation of Vardix at the "Game Fest BeginIT" festival for Kazakhstani rural school children

The event “Game Fest BeginIT”, an IT festival for rural schoolchildren in Kazakhstan, organized by inDriver and AstanaHub International Technopark, took place from December 5 to 6.

The goal of the event was to introduce children to the GameDev industry and stimulate interest in digital skills. The event was attended by 38 students and 18 teachers from 12 regions of the country. The festival included tours, lectures and workshops from Kazakhstani IT companies and startups.

Vardix participated in the second day of the event with a lecture “Professions in the Metacommunity. During the lecture, students learned about what specialties will be in demand in the next 5 years. The tools and basic requirements for each profession were demonstrated, with examples of demand trends over the past 20 years across the CIS market. At the end of the presentation, the children were introduced to the Vargates universe, which they were delighted with.

Vardix was honored to contribute to the development of the next generation of professionals!


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Welcome back, friends! After a short break we are starting our conference again and the next CG-SREDA will be very soon – November 16, 2022!

Start time: 19:00 Place: #AstanaHub, Mangilik El Avenue, C4.6, MediaHall, 3rd floor.


“CG-SREDA” is a conference for all those professionally involved with 3D, CG, VR/AR/MR or just interested in digital visual art. The meetings are held to bring together professionals and enthusiasts of 3D graphics, compositing, graphic design, games and virtual reality systems. Discussion of problems and news, product presentations, roundtables. Developers, artists, supervisors, three-dimensional artists, and composers – we’re waiting for everyone!


In the program:

A discussion of CG industry news from the past month.

2. Main topic: Graphics in immigration. Let’s talk, discuss, talk.

3. Product presentations. If anyone would like to present their new products or talk about their work, you are welcome. Contact us in advance and we will prepare everything you need.

4. Free communication on 3D and other topics. Supported by #AstanaHub.


Facebook link to the event:

The official Telegram group:

Official Facebook group:

Official Discord server:

Register for the event at:

We are waiting for you!


On November 30, 2022, a delegation of representatives from Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan visited the RnD-lab VARDIX.

During the meeting, laboratory staff showed and told about the latest developments in the development of software products for school education. In particular, they showed how the ROQED Science platform works and is applied. This platform was developed to study the school program for grades 6 – 12 in the disciplines of “Physics”, “Chemistry”, “Biology”.

The product originally began its journey within the VARDIX lab and then transformed into a separate company, ROQED.

For more information about ROQED products, visit the official website.

ED2 Vardix

On November 1, a demo day of the accelerator program for EdTech and HRTech startups ED2 took place at the Skolkovo Technopark.

The main goal of ED2 is to increase the commercial performance of the participants’ innovative projects. The entire program is built around working on creating a sought-after educational product with the potential to scale, focusing on attracting a large number of clients, and creating a profitable business model.

Applications for participation in the competition were submitted by 211 projects. The competition for the Pre-Adviser selection, which took place from July 1 to July 29, 2022, was more than 5 applications per seat. Over the course of four weeks, 56 projects went through an online educational intensive and met with trackers on a weekly basis.

Only 14 EdTech and HR-Tech projects made it to the demo day, which was organized by Innopraktika and the Skolkovo Foundation.

Vardix won a special prize for its project AcademiX3D (interactive 3D training for medical students) – participation in EdCrunch Reload.

To learn more about the ED2 gas pedal, visit

Link to AcademiX3D: