We are the VARDIX group of companies.

We are engaged in interactive applications, 3D-based films and videos, modeling and animation, educational systems, projects in the entertainment industry and mechanical engineering.

Experience is our strength. We not only have the widest development tools, but over 18 years of work, we have perfectly learned how to build production processes for any customer conditions.


Development of 3D applications

Creation of 3D interactive applications and platforms for education, engineering, medicine and entertainment industry.

3D modeling

Creating 3D objects is our forte. We create a large number of models and assets for our own and partner projects.

3D project management

We are responsible for managing partners’ 3D products at all stages of their life cycle – from concept creation to implementation and operation.

Virtual reality (VR/AR/MR)

We create worlds, individual objects, as well as software and hardware systems for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Video Production

We also produce computer films, commercials and PostFX. Our forte is videos that require complex 3D graphics and complex effects.

GameDev and education

Designing a game or educational process, rules, structure, game elements and mechanics, user interface, characters, dialogues, etc.


We will be happy to answer all your questions. Be sure to write to us!