We are VARDIX Group of Companies

We deal with interactive applications, films and videos based on 3D graphics, modeling and animation, educational systems, entertainment industry and mechanical engineering projects.

Experience is our strength. We not only have the widest development tools, but over 18 years of work, we have perfectly learned how to build production processes for any customer conditions.


3D application development

Creation of 3D interactive applications and platforms for education, engineering, medicine and entertainment industry.

3D modeling

Creating 3D objects is our forte. We create a large number of models and assets for our own and partner projects.

Web development

Full cycle of services to create services with user-friendly and understandable interfaces to meet the functional requirements of customers.

Virtual reality (VR/AR/MR)

We create worlds, individual objects, as well as software and hardware systems for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

RnD Labaratory

Our RnD lab is actually a developer, actively researching and developing 3D graphics and virtual reality systems.

3D project management

We are responsible for managing partners’ 3D products at all stages of their life cycle – from concept creation to implementation and operation.


Discover the wonderful worlds of the VARDIX GROUP


AcademiX3D – a virtual patient app that immerses students in the fascinating and educational world of diseases and conditions of the human body. AcademiX3D offers detailed descriptions, classification, pathogenesis, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment regimens for a large number of diseases. Students and professionals in clinical scenarios gain medical experience, develop knowledge of medicine, understanding of the causes of pathologies and learn new methods of diagnosis and treatment.


VARGATES is a 3D universe that provides users with tools to communicate and learn in a virtual space. With VARGATES you can meet people, share knowledge and skills, organize events and presentations, and create your own amazing worlds and content. VARGATES creates an open space filled with thousands of virtual courses where people are educated and entertained in an interactive 3D environment.


Vargates Medical is a virtual training clinic in the VARGATES universe, offering theoretical and practical training in an exciting medical universe! Students are immersed in a 3D environment where hundreds of clinical situations, virtual patients and theory courses await. The platform helps students and physicians develop knowledge and skills in the field of medicine, teaches them to understand disease mechanisms and master new methods of diagnosis and treatment.


VARGATES TECHNICS is a virtual platform for creating technical training courses, instructions and visualization of processes in the VARGATES universe. The program reduces training costs, optimizes the training process and improves staff qualification. Create virtual training courses, simulate visual instructions and visualize complex processes using the advanced capabilities of VARGATES Technics.

Greetings, everyone! We have good news for all AcademiX3D users. We have released a major update with many changes, improvements, and new features. Let's look at the main changes: Interface and functionality: The main menu has been completely…
Meet the VARGATES feature extension: the ability to enjoy a 3D universe even without an Internet connection! VARGATES, one of the leading platforms for interactive 3D universes, has announced an important update to its platform. We are pleased…
VARDIX and Vladimir Barinov: Immersing yourself in 3D magic and AR/VR innovations! AstanaHub, a leading tech startup park, together with Vladimir Barinov, CEO of VARDIX Group, held a live broadcast on May 24 at 17:00 Moscow time on their Telegram…

Customer support in all areas

We will help you with any questions you may have within 24 hours of contacting us

Support for distributors

Presentation materials, preparation of documentation, tenders and transaction support.


Technical support

Assistance in installing and configuring programs, resolving issues with hardware selection, error handling.


PR department

Create and distribute press releases, manage social media content, organize events.


Project Department

Comprehensive implementation of projects to meet customer technical requirements, implementation and support.



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